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Planning in the moment is nothing new and is what skilful practitioners have always done. Every time an adult looks at, listens to, a child, they are assessing and planning how to respond. These assessments and plans are based on the adult observations of the child in that moment and draw on any previous knowledge of the child. The response is planned in the moment and is uniquely suited to that unique child in the unique moment. The adult will be considering whether they can add anything in that moment to benefit the child. If so, they will respond and interact accordingly supporting the child to develop.

There are many types of planning documents used to adult directed time and the learning through play, but, those more useful and deepening for a child’s development can be nothing more than a weekly web to see where the learning began and then how this was developed throughout the week. The paperwork has minimal impact on the children and is therefore not as important as the interactions themselves. Practitioners must be mindful not to document everything they see and hear but to interact with the children by moving them on in the moment. By doing this the children will make outstanding progress.

So- put your clipboards down, put the electronic tablets away, forget any preconceived activity plans or learning objectives. Open the doors and play with children- plan as you go, plan on the hoof, plan spontaneously, plan responsively- we can call it what we like. The most important thing is that we are led by the child, in the moment and we respond accordingly.

It is crucial that we start with the child, be led by the child and find ways to respond which suit the child.


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