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Phoenix Primary School is a large, vibrant, and friendly school. We are a proud accredited enhanced VbE, Centre of Excellence and Character Education setting.  With VbE at the heart of our curriculum we are developing ethical vocabulary and ethical intelligence, which could be argued is the most important intelligence for the sustainability of our world, enabling Phoenix children to be educated citizens, helping to engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement.

Step into Phoenix Primary School and you will feel a haven of warmth and a true sense of community, halls filled with children enjoying their day, staff with a profound sense of humour, a leadership team that places importance on family and professional trust. A team that faces the next steps of each journey with resilience, kindness and compassion. A team that supports the children and their families through so much more than their educational journey. 

Pupils at the school are safe, happy and an active part of their community. The pupils at the school embody the school’s philosophy of ‘valuing self, others and the environment’. Parents support the school’s effective work in securing pupils’ mental and physical well-being. There are high expectations for pupils’ learning and behaviour. Pupils have warm and nurturing relationships with staff. They show good manners and consideration to adults and peers alike. When pupils become upset or do not behave as they should, they know there is support available. They are also aware of the consequences of any poor behaviour. They are also aware that they get the chance to repair relationships and that everyone is treated fairly. Pupils are enthusiastic about learning, and interactions in class and around the school are positive and caring. They value their learning and the opportunities the school provides. Pupils are proud of their school and what they are achieving. - Ofsted June 2023

Mrs M Ireland-Hubbert


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We're extremely proud to share with you the report from our recent Ofsted Visit.
Well done to the children, staff and families for illustrating what a dynamic and amazing community we are. 

Please CLICK HERE to see the report.


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